I M book clubs provide an informal forum to inspire self-discovery, growth and development through reading and knowledge sharing. I M also host and manage corporate book clubs for employment development. All of I M book clubs adhere to our Pursuit of Greatness knowledge sharing practices.

Book Clubs

Book Club

Executive Suite

Executive Suite is a book club delivered to organizations that focuses on improving employee's knowledge on leadership and strategy. Books, materials, and facilitation are provided by Strategos Academy.

Book Club

Personal & Professional Development

Achievers Book Club is ideal for progressive self-learners who want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Book Club

Entrepreneur Development

Minding My Business is an entrepreneurial book club that focuses on ideation, innovation and entrepreneur development. This is an excellent venue for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. Books, materials, and facilitation are provided by Sketched on a Napkin.


Personal Growth

Brother Bind (BB) is a YouTube (BookTuber) channel that focuses on bringing people together (binding) through self-discovery and empowerment by recommending tools (i.e. books and resources) and progressive discussions that will take them to the next level. BB will provide a venue for I M book club discussions.

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