About I M

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world’s largest provider of integrated personal, professional, business development solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives through education, experiences, and exposure.


I M Possible Mall (I M) is a transformative collaborative alliance driven by a purpose and commitment to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals, organizations, communities, and the environment through education, engagement, and experiences.

I M offers end-to-end integrated personal, professional, and organizational development strategies that includes services, products, resources, and initiatives. designed to meet individuals and organizations where they are and lead them to grow to their desired destination.

I M comprised of over 80 entities with a unified purpose and we continue to grow to meet emerging needs. Our strategy is based on dynamically leveraging the core competencies of each business to deliver integrated, holistic, end-to-end personal, professional and organizational development solutions.

Our Values

I M a values, conscious, innovative strategic alliance of independent businesses and their respective brands that are committed to improvement, change, and transformation. Our commitment has inspired us to establish I M Cooperative (I M C) to support the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs, and I M University (I M U) to drive social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

I M values rest on the foundation that purpose and profits are not divergent ideals set forth by our founding firm (TWG). With the proper leadership and strategy these ideals can be mutually achieved producing lasting results that far exceed simply being profit-driven.

I M here for

  • New Professionals
  • Management-level Professionals
  • Senior Executives
  • Professionals changing careers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Nonprofit Professionals
  • Socially, Conscious Professionals
  • Seniors
  • Environment


I M focusing on 5 areas: personal, professional, business, community, and environmental development.

  • Making a positive difference on a macro level relies on changing individuals. If you want to change the world, we must begin by changing ourselves. I M portfolio includes integrated services and products for personal development to transform attitude, thought process, mindset, behavior, health and wellness, etc.
  • Bringing value to your organization or community requires having useful knowledge, skills, abilities, and creativity. I M portfolio delivers relevant professional development to improve individuals’ ability to create and deliver value.
  • Creating high performing businesses and organizations are vital for a thriving economy which is an essential aspect of having a healthy society. Our businesses focus on delivering services to improve business and organizational performance.
  • Having thriving communities relies on conscientious individuals, businesses, and organizations committed to supporting those communities.
  • For all us to thrive we must commit to social and environmental sustainability.

WHY I M Different

I M combines the best of the self-improvement, education and training, and business consulting industries. Traditional self-help inspires and motivates but does not educate which leaves individuals inspired but usually short of taking the necessary steps toward their specific desired vision. We provide the inspiration then the personal development resources which are linked to the in-demand education and training provided by our education and training providers.

Standard education and training entities typically offer classes and workshops and only a few of those offerings are relevant to the current and future business needs. The offerings are rarely linked to individuals’ personal development plan or organizational development and strategy. I M capable of linking those initiatives into a holistic strategy whether our client is the individual or the organization.

Consulting firms usually only focus on the organizational level (strategy, performance, etc.). When these firms recommend education and training for the organization to achieve its strategic objectives, these firms usually outsource the responsibility to another entity or leave it to the client to find a vendor. This outsourcing to a third-party approach consumes time and increases the risk of a disconnection between the delivered education and training and the organizational strategic direction and requirements. I M capable of linking the personal – professional – organizational performance to create exponential results.

We have a collaborative alliance (PEN) that includes our talent management/employment placement firm, our education & training providers, and our business services entities. Together they work to ensure that our education & training providers are delivering relevant education and training to meet the current and future needs of organizations.

I M Cooperative (I M C) ensures that we remain connected to the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I M University (I M U) ensures that I M and all of our businesses remain socially, economically, and environmentally conscious.

That is why we are different!

We are not seeking perfection. We are seeking progress!

I M changing lives through education, experiences and exposure.